Pre Conception

Understanding your fertility potential

Many women are looking to do fertility tests to predict there future fertility potential. It’s really important before you do any test to understand that there is always a result and if the result is not what you are expecting it can leave you in a real...

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A Male fertility Post

Recent research has found that men need to focus on their diet just as much as women when it comes to creating a healthy baby.  So following on from my previous blog post – 6 Top Tips To Boost...

A Nutrition Post

This is a healthy version of the classic breakfast option, with an array of seeds to provide plenty of healthy fats. Research has found that Brazil nuts can assist male fertility as well as boost testosterone. You can vary...

Fertility Pizza

Who says you can’t have a healthy pizza recipe? This version is packed with an array of fertility-boosting foods on a delicious spelt base – perfect for

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Welcome to the New Zita West Blog

My approach to fertility and pregnancy has always been an holistic one, having been a midwife for 30 plus years I’ve done a lot of consultations and

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Surviving morning sickness

With the exciting news that Kate Middleton is expecting her second child, the world is once again focussed on her health as it’s been announced that she...

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